Streets.TO marketing is a unique and proven way to effectively reach the Toronto and GTA markets for your business. We have maintained the philosophy and our belief since day one:  A picture paints a thousand words.

This statement embodies our marketing platform / city guide and our belief in providing the best information to our audience in the most effective format out there.  We believe that people online are not always looking to read a novel about a business or be forced to navigate through ad-intense pages that simply frustrate them. They are also not looking to scour through thousands of free listings, like other sites, only to find the listing for the place they found has just an address, phone number and a map. 

Rather, Streets.TO built a clean, easy-to-navigate, visual niche platform that gives the users a better understanding of a business listed through us.   Our visual style wows a user and they want to know more!   Because we don’t list thousands of businesses and restaurants, we are able to better present the clients we do have and thus give them better brand exposure and resulting ROI.  Think of it as if you are at a restaurant and presented with their menu.   Would you rather have to choose everything on your own or have your server’s advice and guide you to what you should be ordering because they actually know what the best dishes really are.  We are strategic with which business we add to our city guide and truly know our users and what they like.  

Serving up millions of page views annually since our inception in 2006,  Streets.TO reinvented the “City guide” as we know it and it has won us praise and great loyalty with how we present information and market our clients.  We raised the bar for Torontonians with our creativity and visual presentation with animated and actual interior tours for our clients long before any other other website platform.   We will continue to innovate, lead and better our platform with additions that include exclusive, engaging content and the most recent addition of stunning HD video production for our clients.  

We love our family of clients & visitors alike and would love to have your business join with us!   Take a moment to fill in the form & we’ll be in touch.



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